For Renters

How do I setup a keybox?

Easily setup your keybox using the steps in this guide.

What are the fees for using Apartment App?

There are no mandatory fees!

Will purchasing a credit report hurt my credit score?

No because it's a soft inquiry rather than a hard inquiry.

How do security deposits work for renters?

Your deposit will be released 14 days after your lease ends, unless any damages are reported.

How do I view a listing?

Select the time window that works for you and meet up with the lister to see the unit.

How do contactless viewings work?

Look for listings with the Access badge on them, then schedule a viewing.

How do I ask a question about a listing?

Use the Ask a question button on any listing.

I’m having issues during my viewing window, what do I do?

Most keybox issues can be resolved by following the steps from within this guide.

How do I report a maintenance issue?

From your Rentals tab, click Issues > Report an issue

How is Caretaker related to Apartment App?

Caretaker is our landlord-facing service. Apartment App is just for renters. Both companies are run by the same team.

What is the listing guarantee?

Listings on Apartment App are carefully vetted to protect applicants against scams and misrepresented listings.

How long does my credit score last for?

It will be up-to-date and accessible for the next 60 days.

How long does income verification take?

Manual employment checks take about a day. Bank account verifications are instant.

How does Apartment App vet listings?

Apartment App uses automation to detect and ban scams, bait and switches and falsified listings.

How do I automate my rent payments?

Click the button that says "pay your rent" and you'll see an option to setup autopay.

How do I apply for a listing?

Click the Apply instantly button on any listing.

Which documents do you need to verify income?

Some combination of an offer letter or employment contract and tax returns, pay stubs or bank statements.

How do I search for listings?

Use filters to narrow your search. Sign-up for alerts to get emails as soon as a new matching listing is added.