How does Apartment App vet listings?

A lot goes on behind the scenes to make sure that Apartment App listings are always available, real, and correctly advertised.

Automatic scam detection

Our platform is constantly searching for indicators of spammer activity and unlisting or banning listers based on these indicators. We don't share these indicators publicly. What we can share is:

  • We do not permit listings that include a phone number or email address - messages should be sent via Apartment App.

Location verification

One of the most common rental scams happens when someone pretends to have access to an available place for rent, but actually doesn't have access. We ask listers to verify that the apartment they're posting is actually theirs (either that they live in it or own it) using a utility bill, a postcard sent to their address with a unique code on it or a billing address check. Listings with white checkmark pin on them have been location verified. In the below photo, the listing on the left is verified and the listing on the right is not.


Landlord requirements

We help listers on our Leaseholder plan get approval for a particular sublessee to move-in. If you apply to one of these listings, your application will go into Building Review after you and the lister sign the lease. At this stage, we'll submit your application materials to the landlord for a final sign-off.

We don't require listers opt-in to landlord approval - for these listings, there is always the risk of a misunderstanding between the outgoing tenant and the landlord: the lister thought they could choose whoever they wanted, but the landlord actually won't let just anyone move in. This can make for a nasty surprise on move-in day, so we caution renters to be extra careful when leasing units that don't go through our building review process.

All Apartment app listings are covered against scams or false advertisement by the Listing Guarantee. If a scam or falsely advertised listing makes it through one of our filters then we'll refund you immediately and find you a new place.

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