I’m having issues during my viewing window, what do I do?

Opening up the keybox

Enter your code, then press the middle lock icon. Each time you press a number, the keybox makes a low beep. When you press the middle lock icon, you will hear an unlocking noise (either one long beep or short beeps and a green flashing light). Pull the face of the keybox towards you to open it.


Can't find my code

You can find your code on your application on Apartment App. If you haven't verified your account yet, your code will not be displayed. You can still verify your account even if your viewing window has already started.

The code will only be visible during your viewing window, e.g., 5-6pm.

Flashing green light

If the keybox flashes a green light after you enter your code, that means your code was accepted and the keybox should have unlocked. If you see a flashing green light but the keybox won't open, the most likely explanation is that a key (or something else) has gotten caught up in the locking mechanism.

To remove the jam, grab the keybox by the shackle and firmly tap it against a hard, non-abrasive surface. Do this a couple of times and then try unlocking the keybox with your access code again.

Flashing red light

If the keybox flashes a red light after you enter your code, that means that you entered an access code that is either incorrect or has already expired. Single-use access codes that are sent to visitors who schedule access appointments will stop working immediately after the appointment slot, so make sure you aren't using one of these.

Once you're sure your code hasn't expired, follow these steps carefully:

  1. Press the back arrow on the keybox to clear any previously entered numbers.
  2. While the keybox is illuminated, enter your access code. Make sure that you hear a beep after each number.
  3. Press the unlock button. The keybox should flash a green indicator, confirming that it was successfully unlocked.
  4. Pull the face of the keybox towards you to open it.

The keypad doesn't light up at all

The keybox should illuminate and beep every time you touch a number. If that isn't happening, it's either because it went into security lock-out mode due to too many failed unlock attempts or because the battery has died.

Rule out security lock-out mode

If the wrong access code is entered too many times, the keybox will emit a loud siren and stop accepting access codes for 5 minutes. This is called security lock-out mode. Leave the keybox alone for 5 minutes to make sure that this isn't what happened, then try entering your access code again.

The keybox keeps beeping

If the keybox is beeping as if an alarm has gone off, you've accidentally triggered a security lock-out mode (see above). Don't worry, it will stop on its own shortly. Just set the keybox back where it was and the beeping should end within a minute or so. After the beeping stops, wait 5 minutes before trying to unlock the keybox again.

Getting more help

If you’re still having an issue, please send a text to the number displayed on your viewing screen.

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