Will purchasing a credit report hurt my credit score?

No. When your order a credit report on Apartment App, our partner, TransUnion Smartmove, performs a soft-inquiry on your credit history. Your social security number and date of birth are sent directly to TransUnion. We only receive a report that shows your credit score along with your credit and eviction history.

With traditional apartment applications landlords run hard inquiries on your credit when you apply for an apartment. Too many of these pulls on your credit can bring down your overall score. If there are multiple hard inquiries in a short amount of time then a credit card lender or future landlord might see you as higher risk.

Soft pulls like the one that we generate for your Apartment App profile are usually associated with getting prequalified for things like credit cards, a loan of any sort, insurance quotes, or a job. If you've ever gotten a credit card offer in the mail, it means that they ran a soft check to prequalify you.

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