How do contactless viewings work?

With contactless viewings, you can open the door and show yourself around on your own timeline. We'll send you a code that opens a nearby lockbox. You'll take the keys out, open the door and check the place out privately.

When you're done, you put the keys back for the next person. There are four steps required for a successful contactless viewing:

1. Choose a one-hour time window

You'll see the next available viewing window first in the list. Choose a single, one-hour slot.

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2. Get verified for viewings

Before your viewing slot starts you'll need to verify your identity. In order to get the code for a contactless viewing, everyone is required to do two things:

  1. Verify your identity. We need to know that you are who you say you are in case anything is reported damaged or missing during the viewing.

  2. Put a card on file. You'll also be asked to have a payment method on file. You will never be charged unless a damage report has been filed and verified by our team.

To make sure you're verified, either follow the steps from the listing page after scheduling your viewing or go to the "Personal details" tab of your Apartment App profile and scroll down to the section called "Identity".

We use Onfido for identity verification and Stripe to hold your payment information. Both use AES-256 encryption to secure your data.

3. When your time window starts, you'll get an access code


Now you'll be able to view the exact listing location. Head there, and look for the black keybox hanging on the door of the apartment or house that you're viewing.


4. Take the keys out of the keybox and tour the unit

Type your one-time code on the front of the keybox and wait for a green light, then pull it open. The key will be inside. If you have issues using the keybox, read this article.

Do what you need in order to get a sense of what it would be like to live there - run the faucets and the shower, open the fridge and open closets - just remember to leave things as you found them.

5. Lock up on your way out

Be sure to lock the apartment door, return the key to the keybox, and firmly close it (so it's locked) before leaving.

Community guidelines

We ask that all viewers take extra precautions when touring privately in light of COVID-19. Always wear a mask when in someone else's home, even if it is vacant. You will find hand sanitizer attached to the keybox that you use to get in and out of the unit—sanitize before and after your showing.

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