What is Caretaker's level of support for tenants?

We aim to automate away the tedious parts of property management so we can enhance the most important part: our relationship with tenants.

How we onboard existing tenants

When you sign up, we'll gather an initial round of key information from you, including your existing tenant's lease details and contact information. You'll stay in the loop, but we'll take it from there: we send tenants a welcome packet with everything they need to know about living in a Caretaker-managed unit, help them to get their payments setup and make sure they know exactly what to do as soon as they have a maintenance issue.

How we onboard new tenants

When it comes to tenants moving into a currently vacant unit, their first impression will be the showing and application process. This is why we put so much care into creating a showing, application and lease signing experience that feels just about as close to "self-checkout" as the grocery store as is possible.

Prospects walk themselves through the steps to become your tenant which means they get exactly what they want without any inconveniences. Once you've approved an applicant we will be there every step of the way to make sure their moving day goes smoothly and they feel settled and at-home as quickly as possible.

We take care of tenants over text, email or phone

Tenants can get in touch with our support team using whichever mode of communication is easiest:

  • Basic support over email
  • Priority support SMS hotline for viewers and tenants: When a renter books a self-tour viewing or as soon as they've signed a lease they will receive an SMS number that they can use if they need fast assistance.
  • Priority support, 24-7 phone line: We provide direct phone support to tenants via a number that's provided to them when they move in.

The level of service that we're able to provide to tenants will depend on your plan. Visit our pricing page for details.

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