What is the Caretaker Protection Policy?

Caretaker's Property Protection policy provides general and professional liability coverage against bodily injury, wrongful act or property damage claims against qualified Caretaker Listers for up to $10,000 per claim.

The Basics

To be qualified, your listing must be managed by Caretaker. We're working hard to be able to offer coverage to all listers, but do not have an estimated date for when we'll be able to do this. Your bookings (leases and rent) must be processed on the Caretaker platform in order for your claims to be eligible.


A full list of exclusion can be found in the applicable section of the Caretaker terms of service. Among other reasons for exclusion, to qualify for coverage the claim can't be:

  • Based on any kind of error or omission in the performance of professional services rendered by Lister (or that should have been rendered by the Lister.
  • Based upon or arising out of unlawful discrimination by the insured.
  • Based upon the Listers alleged refusal to employ or termination of employment of the person making the claim.

For a full list of exclusions please review the applicable section in the Caretaker terms of service.

Making a Claim

Contact Caretaker support immediately if an incident occurs on property that you own or where you are the master tenant. Our team will respond quickly to review the situation further.

Other Policies

The Insurance Policy is not a substitute for landlord insurance, renters insurance or homeowners insurance.

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